Our Mission:
Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Sciences (MEES) program's mission is to train student professionals in environmental sciences, emphasizing strengths in marine and estuarine sciences, although the program spans environmental science as a whole, irrespective of habitat. Our program strives to become the nation's leading source provider for scientists and effective solution makers capable of resolving critical problems. In the 21st century, the health of the oceans, freshwater, forests, diversity of species, and the atmosphere are vital to the health of the economies and people on this planet. There is a clear need for scientists with training in this area, given the multitude of environmental problems faced by society today. Our MEES Program is a state-wide initiative in Maryland.

Our Program:
The interdisciplinary MEES Program began in 1978, with faculty consisting of members from numerous institutions within the University System of Maryland (USM). Campus affiliations are Baltimore, Baltimore County, College Park, Eastern Shore, Center of Marine Biotechnology Institute (UMBI), and laboratories of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES) - the Horn Point Laboratory, the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, and the Appalachian Laboratory. A course taught anywhere within USM is available to any graduate student registered at any campus through intercampus enrollment and an Interactive Video Network (IVN) System. Program interests have le to six formally defined areas of specialization: Oceanography, Ecology, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Environmental Science, and Fisheries Science.

Our Leadership:
The 200-plus faculty members affiliated with our program have a broad range of expertise with particular strengths in the fields of restoration, ecology, aquaculture, fisheries management, oceanography, toxicology, marine biotechnology, environmental chemistry, remote sensing, landscape ecology, ecosystem science, coastal ecosystem processes, and environmental health.

Our Expertise:
We bring to the table the extraordinary resources of six of the world's leading research institutions, four research laboratories, and the MEES graduate program to help broker decision-makers that will create opportunity in solving the greatest environmental challenges today. The core of the programs capabilities is the fact that it is one of the world's premiere graduate research and professional schools for the interdisciplinary study of the environmental, biological, physical and social sciences.

Established Funds:

MEES Graduate Student Fund:
Created by Dr. Robert Menzer (MEES founder) through the University System of Maryland Foundation, Inc. in 1987, the purpose of this fund is to provide support for students enrolled in the MEES Program. Forms of support include but are not limited to: travel and research expenses, stipends, annual symposia and/or additional efforts that will enhance the research and education of MEES graduate students.

Directors Fund:
Gifts are used at the discretion of the MEES Director to catalyze life-changing experiences for students through direct financial aid, and to encourage diverse initiatives that benefit the MEES Graduate Program.

The Wells-MEES Student Fund:
In 2007, this endowed fund was created by a UMCP 1974 Zoology alumna, Billie Lee Wells through the College of Life Sciences, University of Maryland College Park Foundation. Wells is a long time supporter of environmental efforts to help save the Chesapeake Bay, including the MEES Program. This fund supports MEES student research expenses.


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